Our professional staff are trained to solve the design and concerns of the natural and physically built environment by analyzing and interpreting architectural and civil engineering plans and calculating appropriate offset survey points and elevations..

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If you are considering a project and find yourself in need of a civil engineer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Our Civil Engineers are trained to solve the design, construction, and maintenance concerns of the natural and physically built environment. 

In addition to making sure that construction work is performed accurately according to project designs, our experienced professionals can also help a project manager determine where they might be problems with a project plan.  Identifying these problems at the staking phase can help save a lot of time and money for the project later on.  Instead of having to wait until actual construction work begins to find out about the issue, the project manager can find out about it early, so that he or she still has time to go back and adjust the building plan accordingly.


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Pinnacle Engineering and Land Surveying has been providing civil engineering, planning, surveying, and drafting services throughout Utah since 2003 – operating office in Layton, Utah. We recognize that our success has been earned as a direct result of the talented and dedicated staff that supports every project.

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While a good plan is certainly a requirement for any successful building project, getting the blueprint right is really only part of the battle. At a certain point, you have to transform your plans into reality, and construction staking plays an important role in making that happen and the project successful.

Our professional staff is knowledgeable and skilled in the process of taking planned improvements and actually mapping them out on the site where the building will take place.

  • Residential.  From grading design to construction staking we can serve individual lot owners up to large subdivisions.
  • Commercial. Banks, parking lots and garages, restaurants, shopping centers and office buildings are just a few of the commercial projects we can service.
  • Water Management. The design and development of drinking water supply, water distribution, storm water and watershed management, and wastewater treatment.
  • Institutions. Corporate buildings, retirement homes, schools and colleges are a few types of institutions we have helped from the design phase and all through construction staking.

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